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How my blog came to be…

Posted by Jonathan Crockett on 29Dec06

My wife and son had left to pick up her brother and his wife at the airport. I was just spacing out watching this Cure video, taking a trip down memory lane, when my cell phone interrupted my thoughts. It was my wife checking to see if her brother had called. He hadn’t, but his plane had been scheduled to land about 10 minutes prior, nor was he in the airport terminal.

She didn’t know what flight he was on or even what airline he was coming in on (future post about kids vs. voice mail to follow). I was sitting at my computer, so I did a quick search and found the only possible flight he could have been on and also found a very cool flight tracker. I called her back and gave her an update on his arrival and where the plane was at that very moment.

After hanging up with her, I started the video (and my trip down memory lane) over. About 2 minutes into the song I started thinking of my Army buddy Greg and how we used to listen to this song as we were packing for the field or wanted to get pumped for X-night at Axis. It also reminded me that I hadn’t talked to him for quite a few years. So with fond memories flickering about in my head and the rest of The Kiss playing in the background, I started a Google search and found a link to his blog.

Now, we have all heard the story about the chef who doesn’t cook at home or the wife of the mechanic whose car is in need of repairs and so on. Well, that kind of equates to my internet interests. I don’t hang out in chat rooms, and until about 2 weeks ago I didn’t have a personal IM account and until I read Greg’s I hadn’t even read a blog. I know, “what rock have you been living under?”

I am a Network Engineer for a cable ISP. And like the mechanic or chef, after working all day either building or fixing our little corner of the internet, the last place I want to be is sitting in front of a computer trying to figure something out for fun. I usually reserve my motivation for the “new and cool” things until I have to either set them up or fix them.

So why start now? I really don’t know, but after reading Greg’s blog, it made me think that maybe it was time to start one of my own. Maybe it reminded me of a time when I would spend all night figuring something out, just for the fun of it.


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